Pumas x Querétaro: A Rivalry on the Rise

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publicado em julho/14/2024

Pumas x Querétaro: A Rivalry on the Rise
The clash between Pumas and Querétaro has become one of the most intense rivalries in Mexican soccer. This article explores the history, key matches, and current state of this exciting matchup.
Pumas x Querétaro: A Rivalry on the Rise

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Pumas UNAM and Querétaro FC are two well-established teams in Liga MX, Mexico's top professional soccer league. While they may not be considered traditional rivals like Chivas vs. América or Cruz Azul vs. Pumas, their encounters have become increasingly heated in recent years.

This rivalry first gained momentum in the Clausura 2015 season when Querétaro defeated Pumas in the playoffs to advance to the final. The intense matches and controversial incidents from that series sparked animosity between the two clubs' fan bases.

Since then, every meeting between Pumas and Querétaro has been eagerly anticipated by fans on both sides. The players seem to feed off this energy, resulting in fierce battles on the pitch. These matches have often featured hard tackles, red cards, and dramatic late goals.

One memorable encounter took place during the Apertura 2018 season when Pumas visited Querétaro's Estadio Corregidora. The match ended in a thrilling 3-3 draw with both teams scoring late goals. The intensity of this game showcased the passion and competitiveness that defines this rivalry.

Off the field, Pumas and Querétaro have engaged in social media banter to further fuel their rivalry. Players from both teams have exchanged taunts and jabs online, creating additional hype for their upcoming matches.

In terms of success, Pumas has historically been the stronger team with numerous league titles to their name. On the other hand, Querétaro has had its fair share of ups and downs but has shown significant improvement in recent years. This rise in Querétaro's performance has added another layer of competitiveness to the rivalry.

The clashes between Pumas and Querétaro not only captivate fans but also showcase the talent on display in Liga MX. Players like Carlos González, Juan Dinenno, and Fabián Castillo have been key figures in these matches, providing moments of brilliance and excitement for spectators.

As with any rivalry, emotions can sometimes boil over. In 2019, a match between Pumas and Querétaro was marred by a brawl between players from both teams. This incident further intensified the animosity between the clubs and their supporters.

Looking ahead, pumas x querétaro promises to continue delivering thrilling encounters on the pitch. Both teams are eager to establish their dominance and secure bragging rights over their rival. The passion and intensity displayed by players and fans alike ensure that this rivalry will remain a highlight of Liga MX.

In conclusion, pumas x querétaro is a rising rivalry in Mexican soccer that has captured the attention of fans nationwide. The history, intense matches, social media banter, and growing competitiveness make this matchup one to watch. As both teams strive for success, we can expect more memorable moments and heated battles in the future.
Pumas x Querétaro: A Rivalry on the Rise

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Pumas x Querétaro: A Rivalry on the Rise

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Pumas x Querétaro: A Rivalry on the Rise

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Pumas x Querétaro: A Rivalry on the Rise

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